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  • strategic business planning atlanta
    Strategy and Business Planning

    We believe strategic planning is about creating practical, actionable strategies that employees own and implement. Strategic success is about coherence, buy-in, action, and accountability, not esoteric concepts and complex theories.

    Effective business planning makes a difference, too. We believe in gap-based business planning which starts with establishing tiered metrics, setting stretch targets for critical KPIs, performing root-cause analysis, and developing initiatives to close the gaps.

    Our practical and logical strategic and business planning processes have helped clients achieve and sustain target results and will do the same for your organization.

  • operations improvement atlanta
    Process improvement

    Taking a fresh look at what you do, and how you do it, is a wise move for any organization. Given the slow growth, shrinking margins, technology changes, and tighter competition many industries are seeing today, reviewing and improving your core business is more important than ever before.

    Our experts can help you develop plans for improving processes, implementing methodologies, such as LEAN, and bolstering your continuous improvement efforts.

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    Rapid Results through diagnosis, action, practical solutions, and on-site leadership

    Rapid Results can help mobilize teams in an organization when there is a need to overcome barriers of change and tackle business challenges in a tangible way. These may vary from gaining momentum for a new strategy, to process improvement, post-merger integration, sales acceleration or even cost reduction.

    IACS would be happy to partner with you to develop a rapid results transformation plan.

  • supply chain consultant atlanta
    Supply Chain Warehousing and Inventory

    Supply chains today are increasingly interconnected, complex and global with many entities working in unison to source, convert and deliver products to customers.

    A resilient supply chain can not only help enterprises respond swiftly and effectively to economic, technological and market disruptions, but also help them gain a competitive advantage. The goal of a resilient supply chain is to minimize negative impacts of these disruptions on revenues, costs and customers.

    IACS’s supply chain consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change.

  • change management consultant
    Change Management

    At Innovative Analytics and Consulting Services LLC, we believe successful change management solutions are based on a well-planned and integrated set of initiatives and actions. Experience has taught us to integrate change management within our implementation planning rather than treat it as a standalone effort.

    We have a comprehensive approach to managing change which includes design, planning, execution, and evaluation.

    In short, we will help you manage change so that it resonates with your organization and ensures your team is successful.

  • data analytics consulting atlanta
    Data Analytics

    Business analytics allow companies to improve productivity and profitability. Predictive analytic techniques, combined with real-time data updates, are essential for dynamic decision-making.

    With the greater availability of data from a range of sources, data analytics can provide your company with a true competitive advantage. Innovative Analytics and Consulting Services LLC can help identify improvements and cost savings opportunities by:

    • Analyzing key challenges
    • Predicting outcomes
    • Developing dashboards aligned with your strategy
    • Recommending applications to fit your data analytics needs

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    Lean Six Sigma Training

    Our mission is to help your company improve processes, become more efficient, and ultimately improve profit margin and bottom line results.

    We rely on proven methods to develop leaders, utilize hidden talent in your workforce, implement methods to eliminate waste, reduce variation, and increase the overall equipment effectiveness of assets.

    In essence, we will help you create an environment that improves organizational efficiency as well as engage your workforce and deliver greater value to your customers.

  • program management atlanta
    Program/Project Management

    Projects and programs involve people attempting to achieve something new on a fixed timeline with limited resources. Under these circumstances, success lies beyond the control of even perfect plans.

    Consistently executing strategic objectives requires the right balance between project management rigor and the ability to effectively and collaboratively deal with change.

    IACS's program/project management services team can help your organization create and manage successful projects and programs.

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